Closing Business Leads

business leads

So we know that getting leads is hard. But can be achieved with the proper things in place. But the leads are great and all, but business leads don’t pay you. How do you turn these leads into actual paying customers?

We have all heard of the closer, the “Harvey Specter” of your business. These team members are very effective in growing your business and often are rewarded highly! So how do you get closer? What do you need to do to become a closer? How do you close sales?

How to close?

Closing is often looked at as being pushy. Which is so wrong! Closing is about building a relationship to the point where you can, using a metaphor, lean in for the kiss. Making your client feel like they’re in charge and know that you are the company for the job.

To do this you need to know your clients needs, struggles, and wants. This will help you connect with them on a deeper professional level. This will help foster trust, and this builds strong business relationships.

How to add a closer to your team?

A closer needs to be an integral part of your business. They need to represent your business values and missions. They are in many cases the face of your business. These people are often in the roles of Account Managers, Senior Sales Reps, and Sales Managers. They have skills to grow your client base and keep them happy.

business leads

How to become closer?

Becoming a good closer takes time, but here are some tips to get going:

  1. Know Your Product
  2. Understand Your Brand/ Company
  3. Have a deeper understanding of Your Customer (Needs, Wants, Aspirations. Do Research)
  4. Connect with your clients

Closing is a skills that can make or break your business. You can get all the business leads you want, but without closing them, you are wasting money. Use my tips and grow your closing skills and in turn, grow your busines.

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