How to get new customers for my business

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How to get new customers for my business

“Without customers, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.” – Don Peppers & Martha Rodgers. But how do I get new customers for my business?

The new online business error has had many theories of increasing sales, but they all point to one start: Lead Generation.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is how you generate interest and eventually customers. It is the first step in the sales process. There are a few ways of generating new leads:

Online Marketing – Online and Digital Marketing is a very effective way of generating new leads. With multiple case studies showing growths over 30%! However, this method can be quite expensive, especially for young businesses.

SEOSearch Engine Optimization helps your business appear on Google! Especially high up on search rankings! By rewriting and optimizing your website you can rank high up. This process does take 3 – 6 months to show results, but can significantly increase organic traffic.

Paid Ads – Often described as the Hare to the SEO tortoise. Paid ads have fast-acting results as you pay for your business to be advertised on the search engine, social media, and other websites. This advertising can offer quick results but is costly and will not help with organic traffic.

Information Blog – this is where you can write about your products, review them, and even sell them in many ways. It is relatively inexpensive to run and demonstrates knowledge around your product/ service.

How to get new customers for my business
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So what is right for you? What is best for your business?

That depends on your budget, timescale, and service offerings. BRBD is lucky enough to have many contacts in this industry. And if we are not able to help you we would love to point you to one of our trusted partners.

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