Why Real Estate Agents/Brokers should use a Digital Marketing Agency

Real estate business is often filled with the best salespeople in the form of Real Estate Agents. It is a known fact that these salespeople have large networks that help close deals. With many TV shows covering this, it has given the public an eye-opener into how good some of these agents are.

But this does leave the agencies in a difficult predicament, as they are totally reliant on the agents themselves and their networks. This means if a agent leaves the business losses not only a sales stream but a lead stream as well.

But how does a real estate agency avoid this? Is it even possible?

Real Estate digital marketing agency

The Hybrid Model

Getting rid of all your reliance on agents is impossible. They have vast networks that they have built over their careers. But maybe you can mitigate your reliance and risk.

By introducing other means of marketing and advertising you can grow the amount of leads produced by your business. There are many types of ads but the 3 most effective are:

Facebook Video Ads

Facebook Video ads are one of the most cost-effective ways of getting leads. You can spend as low as R0.05 per view in our experience. These videos must be around 20 secs and can be anything from an intro by the agent to a quick view of the house. This draws your users in on their dream of living in or owning that house.

Search Ads

Google Search Ads are another great way to get more leads. This can help buyers/ renters searching for a property or agent in a particular area find your business. We would target keywords such as “houses for sales in xx” to help find your ideal customers.

Search Ads have been shown as one of the highest converting lead types due to the high intent of the person searching.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is a visual platform. And when what you are selling is great views, comfy living and spacious kitchens, you want to tap into that marketing.

This can help you connect to the more tech savvy millennial generation that many agencies struggle to connect with.

There are many ways of advertising your real estate agency online. And with the new world going more online than ever, if you are not online, where are you? Using a Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency can be a great idea to grow your business with less hassles.

BRBD is a growing agency expanding into the real estate space. We would be happy to help you market your agency.

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