The Benefits of using Social media marketing

Social media is a buzz word. It is the place we sit on watching memes for 30 mins or reading uneventful life updates or reading posts from that aunt who likes to overshare. So now you are probably wondering, are there any benefits to having my business on Social Media. Will your effort in Social Media Marketing pay off? Are there any social media marketing benefits?

The answer is yes, but I can understand and relate to your deliberation. So here are 5 advantages of Social Media Marketing:

Increased Brand Awareness

Increasing your brand, even on a small micro-scale is a huge benefit to your business. It helps locals identify it and will help them know who you are and what you sell. Get your customers and employees involved in your social media by posting and tagging your business.

social media marketing benefits
Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

More Website Traffic

You can easily link your social media to your business’s website. This means you can use social media to drive sales and traffic to your website increasing revenue! The social media marketing benefits in this aspect alone can pay for your investment!

Better SEO and Search Rankings

One of the ways Google Ranks websites on its search algorithm is how many links you have pointing back to your website. So, every time you post a link to your website from Facebook or Twitter, you are adding to those links and thus improving your search ranking.

social media marketing benefits
Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

Better Customer Service and Satisfaction

In Ken Blanchard’s book “Raving Fans”, he describes and illustrates how customers and customer satisfaction can make or break your business! So, using social media to tend to fans queries is a great asset.

Improved Brand and Customer Loyalty

In this day-in-age, customers are more focused on buying from brands they trust and connect with. So, by having a brand that is connected with your consumers will help you to build trust and loyalty.

Social Media can seem like a wayward place at times. But there are many social media marketing benefits that can help your company grow. Stay tuned for more tips to come!

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