Why you Should use a Cape Town Based Digital Marketing Agency

Cape Town Based Digital Marketing Agency

BRBD – The Sales Experts, also known as Be Rad Be Digital, is a Cape Town-based digital marketing agency. They offer many services from lead generation, social media marketing and digital marketing to their clients. They specialise in turning social media followers into sales in a method called social selling.

But why should you use this Cape Town Based Digital Marketing Agency and not hire in your own freelancers or fulltime staff?

There are many reasons why a digital agency is a better choice, but here are 3 to convince you:

Reason One: Wider Range of Expertise

If you were to hire a freelancer or a fulltime employee, you would get their skills and expertise. This means they can offer you their expertise in their filed. But in a business, you are often focusing on multiple avenues of marketing. But to hire all these experts would cost a fortune and be a waste for your small business.

When you hire an agency you get the collective expertise of their network. At BRBD, we have a large network of experts that we bring in for specific jobs based on our clients needs. This means you always have the experts for all the avenues you want to focus on.

Reason Two: It Can Save You Money

This may sound strange and unrealistic if you have worked with traditional marketing agencies who charge high fees! However, at BRBD we focus on saving you money by cutting our overheads and costs to ensure cost savings for you as the clients.

Some of our packages will cost less than your car repayment!

Reason Three: On Top Of New Trends

When you have an employee or a freelancer, they may not always stay on top of the latest news and trends surrounding the industry. This can leave you falling behind in the fast-paced world of online marketing.

With an agency, you are assured that part of their job is to attend conferences, courses, seminars and trainings to ensure they are up to date on the latest trends.

Cape Town Based Digital Marketing Agency
Image by William Iven from Pixabay

It may seem scary to outsource your marketing, but when you work with an agency, it is more like partnering. You will have a go to person who will build a relationship with you. In no time, they will feel a part of your family. All while having the best service and expertise in the field.

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