Why You Shouldn’t Buy Leads

As a marketing agency that helps build businesses by getting them new clients, we’ve been asked more times than we care to remember if we sell leads. Painters to accountants to engineers have all asked if they can buy leads from us or how much we charge per lead. 

While this is understandable because that’s generally what most businesses will do, it’s most certainly not what we do! What we do is very different. We don’t sell leads, and you shouldn’t buy leads. Here’s why:

You’re Competing on Price

Sites online that compare pricing and get you leads that are looking for solar installers may seem like a good idea at first, but when you quote that lead, they’re most probably going to tell you that somebody else offered them a better price. That’s just a waste of your time because you’re most likely an expert in your field and now you’re being compared to another person in the same field who’s probably just starting out. 

Therein lies the problem; you’re competing with price, and not value. That’s where we’re different. We emphasize your value to a prospect because there will always be someone else who can do it cheaper. Your value is what will sell!

The Leads You Buy Aren’t Yours

The lead you bought didn’t enquire about you and your services. They’re looking for what you do, but not necessarily for you. You’re already on the back foot! We flip the script and make sure that the leads that we provide have fallen in love with your business before they even talk to you. They’re your leads, they want to work with you. They see the ads and landing page that we build out for you, and they get excited to work with you

Sites That Sell Leads Don’t Sell Your Business to Those Leads

Once you’ve bought those leads, what happens next? Usually nothing. The sites that sell you the leads won’t follow up or check in on how you’re doing at closing them, they’ll just be happy you paid. The chances of you closing those leads are already slim because sales are hard! Not everyone is a salesman, and according to statistics, especially not business owners. 

Our difference is that we work with you to help you close the leads that come in through our system. We make sure your sales script is polished and your sales and follow-up processes are airtight! We like to call ourselves growth partners. 

We’re the Difference

We don’t sell leads, and we don’t provide you with a service and then leave you to sink in your own processes. We work with you to help you get new clients by making sure you’re closing the leads that come in! A lead is useless if you can’t close it. We give you all the tools you need to do just that.

If you’re wanting to grow your business and fill your calendar, get in touch with us today and let’s work together to make that happen! We like to tell our clients to focus on their business while we keep their calendars full.

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