How it works?

Where do we get the leads?

All leads are generated specifically for your business and are enquiring to work with you specifically. We post the ads on Facebook/ Instagram using our targeted ad system to find the right people! We create a new campaign for each client, focusing on the area and people that they are targeting. We also run the ad under your Facebook Page, so your company is front and center. 

How do we ensure the leads are the right people?

We focus on quality over quantity. Our goal is to get each of our clients 6 targeted leads per week. We also use enquiry forms to pre qualify the leads by asking them question based on your business and services. This could be around their area, income level, budget, blacklisting, etc. 

How do you get the leads?

When someone is interested and clicks on your ad, they will be directed to fills out a enquiry form on Facebook. This form is on Facebook, so no website is needed!

Provided the lead passes all the qualification questions, they will be directed to submit the form. A copy of the enquiry form and answers is emailed to you/ your team instantly. This allows you to quickly contact new leads as they come in.

Do you help me close the deal?

While we don’t speak to the leads or close the deal for you, we work closely with you! Your customer success manager will work with you to help you close the deal. They will help you to review the lead quality, outreach techniques, and ways to present your offer. 

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