FG Closed 14 New Deals!

Llewellyn runs one of the top Frameless Glass Installers in Cape Town, called FG Frameless Glass. When he came to BRBD Marketing, he’d been spending over R10 000 a month on ads and getting no results.

With our help, Llewellyn and his team closed 14 new deals and are generating 50+ new leads a month!

"Brad & his team helped us to create a predictable way of generating new leads"
Llewellyn Burger
Owner - FG Smart Solutions

How We Helped Llewellyn!

The main concern with FG Smart Solutions was to find the right clientele. They are based in Cape Town, and work in the city and surrounding areas. Being a premium product, they wanted to ensure they were getting a consistent flow of good quality leads for their sales team.

Within a few months, Llewellyn and his team had a pipeline full of quality leads. 

So how did we do it?

Google Ads Targeting

Through the running of targeted Search & Performance Max campaigns, we managed to find the right clients, while still keeping costs low. 

Traffic was sent directly from the ads to the FG website where we installed conversion tracking to improve performance.


Website Optimization

When we took over, we noticed a few things that needed changing on FG’s website. 

While the website looked great, it was slow and not very responsive on mobile. It also had no conversion tracking and no reCAPTCHA. 

We optimized the website for both SEO and for the Ads allowing for a constant flow of leads.


Results Timeline

Due to the focus on SEO & Google Ads, results took around 3 weeks to start setting in, with the best results starting to show around month 3. 

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